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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

how many pens does it take

Yesterday I watched on Cspan the historical signing of the health reform bill.  As you might expect there was a big crowd gathered around the President as he sat down to sign it.

Here's the full video clip with speeches and the signing.

"On Behalf of My Mother"

But what surprised me was the number of pens he used to sign it.  After searching around today I found the number to be 22. 

Do you think that's a record number of pens?

No, LBJ used more that 75 to sign the Civil Rights Act.  Here's where I found that - Times site.

Now I'm wondering what company makes those pens.

Here's a clip about the signing pens that the White House put out.

( Sure hope they never start using those difficult check-out electronic signing machines.  Nobody can sign those dumb things.)

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Ocean Girl said...

I hope they get to keep the containers too. It looked like such a waste.

The signature don't look so steady. But I learn a lot on this post. I think I'm going to add this blog to my roll.

lisleman said...

I agree but try to sign your name with 22 pens - that Presidential skill.

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