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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

nice dance

When I first got the idea for this blog, I mistakenly thought the site was going to stay. Well it's still there but it's not active.

The site was switched over immediately but the interaction that offered is not up and running yet. You can only leave short comments on the site for now.

President Obama has certainly been busy and I imagine they are working on getting the interaction with the public going.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

some behind the scenes

I like this one because of the behind the scenes. Maybe those stage directors (I guess that would be the term) get use to directing famous stars around, but to tell the next President (now President) when and where to go would make me nervous.

I hope the team which transferred over to the keeps these videos up on youtube.

oh those irish eyes

I didn't heard anything about them playing this song at the inaugural balls - but they should have. I think the first couple would have enjoyed it.

Bono during his U2 concert on Sunday referred to this somewhat unusual fact. Of course around St. Patrick's Day everyone becomes Irish for at least a day. I'm looking forward to this upcoming St. Patrick's Day for something special from O'bama.


What would you say if I told you I vote for Barack Obama because he was Irish?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

nuts bolts and renewable energy jobs

I think renewable energy jobs are the best type of jobs to create. This video clip makes you realize that nuts and bolts need to go into these renewable energy projects.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Another example

You can find these at or youtube. But if you go to you will find much more than the videos. It's a chance to interact with the transition team.

the citizens briefing book

The Obama team certainly knows how to communicate and be open. Also, they know the web and social networking apps. They have an interesting youtube channel.

Coming soon starts Sunday

The Inaugural gets going on Sunday. HBO is broadcasting (for free) a concert. From the above video it looks like Disney and ABC are getting involved in some events too.

A favorite of mine will be performing:

Sheryl Crow

inaugural banner
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