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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

great way to put a message out

Filibuster - they are going to feel it buster. 

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Anonymous said...

It saddens me to read much that's been posted here. It appears that only talking points have been dispensed. We, as conservatives, deserve a lot better than the ones at the top of our RNC. These most certainly are not the truth tellers we had at one time.

Here's but one for instance: Former Governor George Romney of MI (Gov Mitt Romney's father) released 12 years of tax returns. His own words were, " a year or so could be faked". Look it up online, its available to anyone willing that wants to know truth. Yet, his son (Mitt) refuses to do as his own father did. However, he did release a partial tax accounting for 2010. He also required Rep. Ryan to release his tax forms, which he did.

The whole of our RNC seems to have been railroaded by those following the philosophy of AYN RAND. She was a Russian athesist. We do not desire this within our party. (Again, this can be verified if one cares to do a bit of study).

When I read such non-sense, it gives the impression that we're all following some Pied-Piper.

This is not to mention the things said regarding Pres Obama, whether we like him or not. We, as Chritians, are told by the Lord we are to pray for our leaders. This is what HE said, NOT man.

Now we've all learned there will be a drastic reductions in regulations. I don't know about others, but I'd not be willing to get on a plane, by a home, vehicle, go to a hospital, etc.knowing the regulations on maintence, etc will no longer be as they are now.

If Gov Romney ("Let Detroit go bankrupt") is the best we've got, we seriously need to look at other viable candidates and there are several. I've been with the RNC since I've been old enough to vote. What I see now is not the RNC as it was meant to be and had always been. Personally, to see my party behave as they're doing is an embarrassment.

Personally, to see my party behave as they're doing is an embarrassment.

Since when do we, as Christians, become 'mud-slingers' as the DNC?
They'll know we are Christians by our love, as the hymm goes. We are also commended to care for "the least among us". The RNC is planning to scrap the ability to do as the Lord said.


bill lisleman said...

S.R. - as you can see I don't get many comments up here but then I don't put many posts up here. I did not mean for this blog to be very political. It's sad that today most everything has become political, even buying a chicken sandwich. I meant this blog to be more about the office of the President but I did vote for Obama and will again. I've voted for the Republican party and the Democratic party at different times. The second Bush and his team really turned me off of the Republican party.

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