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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

inspiring speech to start school year

Wow -
I don't know why (could it be that they just don't like him no matter what?) some were upset that the President decided to give a speech to students starting their school year.

He had a great message for our future generation - personal responsibility.

Here's a line that caught my attention:
"There is no excuse for not trying."

He gave some inspiring stories about real students.

What bothers me the most about the complainers is:
their stubbornness failed to allow them to give the Presidency the respect and trust it deserves.

It's OK to criticize the President's speech but I believe you should wait until the speech is delivered. It would be interesting to hear what part of this speech bothered them.

Now had Vice President Biden talked I could understand some being scared that it might lengthen the school day.


Millenniumhealth said...

Yet another inspiring speech from The Man.... why do some people critisize, attack success and resist change? Maybe because they feel they have failed themselves and look for someone else to blame or because they dwell on negativity and have given up trying.

lisleman said...

@millenniumhealth - people always criticize public officials and thats OK, even good for forming policy. But just dwelling on everything that they find negative is not really helpful. Crazy critics exist on both sides, I wish the media didn't act as an amplifier all the time.

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