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Sunday, August 16, 2009

not a job I would want

Looks like President Obama is having a good laugh over a picture of his press secretary, Robert Gibbs. With all the problems he faces everyday, I wonder how much he gets a good laugh.

I know I would not want to face the press daily and try to explain things to them.

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heidi said...

Hi! Nice to meet ya. ;-) I've got a sweet letter up that I posted to Obama. I know you'll enjoy it.


Thanks for following. I'm still trying to wade through your multiple personalities but so far I've enjoyed them all! Good news! We can be friends on THREE levels instead of just one!. ;-)

lisleman said...

@heidi - I'll take a look at that. multiple personalities ? - multiple blogs yes, but that because of multiple interests. stereotypes are meant to be broken

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