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Monday, April 13, 2009

finally the first dog

white house bo
White House photos by Pete Souza

It's a a six-month old Portuguese water dog and a gift from Senator and Mrs. Kennedy to Sasha and Malia.

His name is Bo which works well with the last name, Obama. I suspect we will be hearing some rhyme or song with Bo and Obama in it.

This is probably bigger news than the President's recent G20 meeting. The build-up was interesting and I think positive. I suggest they add a new pet every year. Next year a bird would be good.

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askcherlock said...

I love this dog, especially since it came from here in Pittsburgh before it got to Ted Kennedy then to the Obamas. There is something personal about seeing the pets of others, a bit of insight to their personhood. Some suggest it's frivolous, but I enjoy it.

lisleman said...

@askcherlock The dog is cute. If you check you'll find most president's had pets. I enjoy learning some of the background at the white house.
thanks for sharing

Foolonthehill said...

At the same time he has ok'd the continuation of killing wolves, cousins of this pet, by shooting, trapping and poisoning, by removing it from the endangered species list. Maybe he made a promise to Lipstick Palin that she would be able to continue gunning down these beautiful animals from a helicopter no matter what state she was in. Smell hypocrisy anyone?

lisleman said...

@foolonthehill great beatle song BTW - thanks for sharing your view here. I don't follow the endangered species list much, so I would not know but I thought the wolves were making a good come back.

That helicopter thing made no sense to me.


lawmacs said...

great stuff nice to see the funny side of the president

lisleman said...

@lawmacs - thanks for dropping a comment - if have the chance click the home button and check out the President's Flickr page.

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