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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Obama's now dropped from Christmas exchange

president obama with queen of england

Bringing gifts to the Queen of England when you arrive for tea at the palace - good.

Choice of gift for the Queen - Ipod - not so good.

So based on this and learning that they gave out a DVD box set to another head of state, I am dropping the Obama's from my Christmas gift exchange.

Now gift giving is not a very important part of the Office of the President, but I expect something better than an Ipod for an older women. Not that I can think of anything at the moment. Any suggestions?

Here's the story covered at Politico.

Also what's with the purse in the above picture? Does she carry the key to the crown jewel case in that purse?


Mustang Mike said...

Suggestions for a gift to the Queen of England. Look in our massive archives in Washington. Give her a document signed by a person of interest in our history, i.e. President Roosevelt, letter of thanks to a Brit subject for some great thing they did. You get the drift. Something historical and of interest to the British. Not a damn Ipod. Geezeopeat.

lisleman said...

@ mustang mike
agreed - not a big deal but they could do better in the gift giving.

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